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Next Level Dermal Filler Course 09/29/2024

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Master Class on Dermal Filler Course Welcome to the first day of the Most Advanced Dermal Filler Course on the planet. We have now taken the most advanced curriculum and simplified it to make your practice successful so that you may leave a legacy. In this hands on course we will review anatomy pertaining to injecting. We will cover how to perform facial balancing which encompasses harmonizing all the facial features to create natural aesthetically pleasing results consistently. In addition to facial restoration we will cover how to use dermal filler for facial enhancement. We guarantee that you will feel confident upon completing this course using on an off label use of FDA approved fillers. In addition we will have vendors on standby to provide you with any answers to any questions you may have and possibly help assist you opening accounts, in return immediately receive discounts to get you started so you can get you up and going and on your way towards creating a successful injectable practice. Invest in yourself and sign up now! Learning Objectives: After completing this course, this participant should be better able to: - Assess the face in relation to proportions, Golden Ratio concept, and Symmetry - Understand the face with respect to Ethnicity and Gender - Review the aging process in relation to the face. The three physiological changes that occur - Create a Masculine jawline and Chin, feminize the jawline and augmenting a female chin with the use of dermal filler and more

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